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Presenting a Range of Global Options For your International Business Mailing
India Post offers a range of international mail services for todayís competitive business environment. With four diversified services you can balance the speed and cost priorities of international deliveries of business documents and parcels, to maximise savings.

International Relations of India Post
India Postís active participation in the international postal activities of UPU and APPU has enabled it to maintain quality service with its partners at economical rates.

Universal Postal Union (UPU)

India is a member of the UPU, a specialized agency of the United Nations with 190 member countries. UPU serves as a vital link amongst member nations to continuously upgrade international postal services.

Asian Pacific Postal Union Bureau

APPU-Bureau is a restricted Union, affiliated to the UPU. With a membership of 29 countries, including India, it has been formed with the objective of promoting cooperation in postal services among member countries. These international relations through UPU and APPU provide your business with wider global coverage.

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For further details, contact :

International Business Mail Service Centre

Customs Formalities - Surface

Foreign Post Building
Chennai - 600001.
Ph: 044-25240962 / 25240968

Postal Appraising Dept.,
II Floor, Foreign Post Sea Complex
Chennai - 600001
Ph: 044-22340008

All Air Letter Mail

Customs Formalities - Air

Senior Superintendent RMS
Chennai - 600045
Ph: 044-22368595

Postal Appraising Dept., [AIR]
II Floor, Foreign Post Air Complex Meenambakkam
Chennai - 600027
Ph: 044-25254225